New PanelView Plus Training Course on sale!

I'm proud to announce the first edition of my PanelView Plus training course has been released!

And for the next thirty days, readers of The Automation Blog can save 50% off the the published price!

With your purchase you'll not only receive lifetime access to the course, but you're also eligible to receive all future course updates free of charge.

About the Course

TAS-PVP-BasicsThe course begins with an overview of the many different models that make up the PanelView Plus line, including the Plus Compact, Plus 6 and Plus 7 models.

Then the configuration menu is covered from beginning to end, with all the important sections covered in detail.

This includes where the Ethernet address is set, how to find Shortcut communication settings, as well as where you go to copy and delete .MER runtime files.

The course then covers the programming software, FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition, starting with how you can get a free copy to use to follow along.

Next you'll learn what each section of the software is used for, as well as how to find, open, and edit existing applications.

You'll then learn how to build a complete PanelView Plus application from scratch, including configuring system settings, creating tags, designing screens, and setting up alarms.

TAS-PVP-Basics-2And while basic objects like numeric displays and push buttons are covered, you'll also learn how to use and create graphic libraries, animate processes, and even how to test your application right on your PC.

And when it comes to communications, the course also goes beyond the basics by showing you how to setup a total of seven different communication paths inside of RSLinx Enterprise.

Specifically, you'll learn how to configure communications to a ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500 and MicroLogix programmable controller via Ethernet and Serial connections.

And when the View Studio project is complete, you'll learn how to create and transfer .MER runtime applications to the PanelView Plus over a network, or by using removable memory like USB, CF, and SD memory cards.

At the end of the course you're even shown how to correctly backup your application so you can archive an “editable” version of it alongside your other project backups.

Act before March 17th to save 50%!

If the above PanelView Plus course sounds like something you're interested in, use the below link to learn additional details about the course as well as to save 50% off the published price when used before March 17th, 2016:


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