PAC Basics Course - More Options

The Automation School is pleased to announce that we are now offering two PAC Basics Courses.  You now have the option of a shorter and less expensive option, with our PAC Basics Standard Edition, or the longer and more advanced option with our PAC Basics Extended Edition.

Here is a description of both courses below.

PAC Basics Standard Edition: $149.99 (AVAILABLE as an ONLINE COURSE ONLY)

What you will learn:
* Understand the design of the ControlLogix system and  components
* How to setup Ethernet and ControlNet Modules
* Configure Ethernet, Serial DF1, and USB drivers in RSLinx
* Understand the difference between RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000
* How to configure a new project and setup Controller Properties
* Configure Local, Ethernet, and ControlNet I/O, including how to schedule ControlNet
* Test and troubleshoot your I/O configuration
* Understand Controller and Program tags, add and edit Tags and Aliases
* Configure and Edit Tasks, Programs, and Routines
* Understand how Ladder Logic is similar and different in ControlLogix
* Create, Test, and Run Ladder Logic Routines
* Understand the components that make up Function Block Diagram Routines, as well as how they Execute
* Create, Test, and Run Function Block Diagram Routines

PAC Basics Extended Edition – Starting at $299.99

(ONLINE & DVD Options Available)

PAC Basics Extended Edition includes all of the above lessons, along with over four additional hours of lesson which include the following:

* Understanding the components that make up Structured Text Routines
* Create, Test, and Run a Structure Text Routine
* Understanding the components that make up Sequential Function Chart Routines
* Create, Test, and Run a Sequential Function Chart Routine
* Creating an Add-on Instructions from Scratch
* Download and Use free Add-on Instructions
* Download and Use PlantPAx Process Objects Instructions
* Setup and Use Produced and Consumed Tags over Ethernet
* Setup and Use Messages over Ethernet, ControlNet, DH+ and DF1
* Integrate a VFD into your existing Motor Control program
* Use the PlantPAx P_VSD to replace your VFD Control program
* Connect and Control a VFD over Ethernet
**Bonus Lesson: Setting up Legacy PLCs for Comms Lesson

If after completing the Standard Edition, you find that you'd like to continue the course, we will offer a discount to purchase the Extended Edition. We are also offering an additional 10% discount by using Promo Code: WINTER18 during checkout. This discount is for a limited time only so, Get Started Today!


Tracey Tierney
Business & Marketing Manager
Insights In Automation