The world's highest rated Micro800 course, Nano Basics, just got better!

We've recently added new lessons covering Expansion I/O, Modbus, Ethernet, VFDs, and HMIs!

In the first new lesson on expansion I/O, students learn how to configure and use 2085 I/O in their programs.

In the next new lesson, students learn how to add and configure the 2080-SerialIsol plug-in module, as well as how to use Modbus to control a PowerFlex VFD.

Once that lesson is complete, students move on to learning how to control a PowerFlex VFD over Ethernet utilizing a free add-on Function Block.

The final new lesson teaches students how to integrate an HMI with the motor control code they developed earlier in the course.

They start by updating their Micro800 existing code to incorporate an HMI.

Then they learn how to create a PanelView 800 application to control both conventional and VFDs driven motors.

So, if you or anyone you know would like to get up to speed on using Rockwell's complete line of Micro800 PLCs, please check out our course at TheAutomationSchool.


Shawn Tierney
Automation Instructor and Blogger

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Shawn Tierney
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