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The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller platform is a powerful and versatile programmable controller line.

However, it can also be quite intimidating for those new to the platform.

With that in mind, I've continued to expand my ControlLogix course in order to give students as much help as I can in becoming proficient using the product.

And just recently I added a new “Advanced Programming” section to the course.

Now first let me say that “advanced” is a relative term, as this is still ControlLogix “Basics” course.

That said, lessons in the “Advanced Programming” section go well beyond the typical editing and downloading of programs found in most courses.

Take for instance the first two lessons which I just added to the digital edition of PAC Basics.


The first new lesson, “How to change a project's controller or version,” is designed to take the information presented on this topic earlier in the course and demonstrate it in a practical manner.

The second new lesson, “How to duplicate and re-use code” is a much expanded version of topics I previously covered in episodes of The Automation Minute.

In this lesson I demonstrate the power of not only importing and exporting rungs and routines, but also how all of the programming done in the previous four hours of the course was done in such a way as to allow the all the routines in the “machine” program to easily be reused.


So if you know anyone who would be helped by learning how to setup, use, and program the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix line of programmable automation controllers, please share this link to my course with them:


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The Automation School – PAC Basics – Article Banner Top

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