New ControlLogix Lesson Added!

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One of the most requested topics for my ControlLogix course has been the creating and using of Add-on Instructions (AOIs)

And today I'm happy to announce the addition of a new lesson to PAC Basics which teaches students how to create and use AOIs from scratch.


This new lesson takes full advantage of the application knowledge imparted earlier in the course by showing the student how to create an AOI which replicates many of the functions handled by routines written earlier in the course.

And once our new AOI is completed, we download and thoroughly test it as part of this extensive 30 minute lesson.


So if you know anyone who would like to upgrade their skills and become proficient setting up, using, and even programming the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix line of Programmable Automation Controllers, please share this link to my course with them:

Or better yet, why not pick them up a copy for the holidays 😉


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The Automation School – PAC Basics – Article Banner Top

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