With another year nearly in the books, I wanted to take a moment to review what links our 300,000+ readers clicked on the most in 2020.

Topping the list were the dozens of links to Rockwell Tech Notes (aka Answer Id’s, AIDs) that we’ve included in our articles over the years, and below I’ll list the top ten for 2020:

#1 – FactoryTalk View ME: Converting MER file to Project file

Restore ViewStudio v51 MERFirst up is AID 44554. While this Tech Note is not public, we cover the same content in our article here.

If you do have a Rockwell support contract (as a instructor and blogger I’ve never needed one) you can pull up the Rockwell Tech Note here.

#2 – FactoryTalk View: Legacy Tag Database Conversion Tool

Lagacy-TAG-DB-W7-CreateSecond on the list is AID 450509, which is closely related to the previous Tech Note.

It details the conversion tool used on 32bit OS PCs to make an .MER runtime file ready for a 64bit OS machine.

As I note in my article here, this tool is no longer needed if you’re using FactoryTalk ViewStudio version 10 or later.

But for those who still need it, you can find it publicly available here.

#3 – FactoryTalk View: Patch Roll-up

Next is AID 748634, which the link to is now broken, and not redirecting to the new version of the Tech Note.

But a quick search found the updated AID for the FactoryTalk View Patch Roll-up which you can will now find publicly available here.

#4 – RSLogix 5000 Translation Tool v2.0 RSLogix 5/500 Project Migrator

Translate PLC-5 SLC 2.0 Step 1Coming in forth place is AID 69790, which is the Tech Note where Rockwell details the “SLC-500 / PLC-5 to Logix migration tool.”

If you need this tool it’s publicly available here, and we have articles on how to use it here (SLC-500) and here (PLC-5).

There is also a RSLogix Project Migrator Version 3.0, which we detail here.

#5 – RSLogix 500 Starter Lite – what features are available?

RSLogix-MIcro-Starter-SplashNext up is AID 501746 which you’ll find here, and which is now incorrectly titled “RSLogix 500 Starter Lite” (that product never existed.)

The Tech Note should actually be titled “RSLogix Micro Starter Lite” (I sent them a note on that) and it covers the differences between RSLogix Micro Starter and Starter Lite.

Unfortunately, the PDF document they link to isn’t working at the moment, but if you need a copy just drop me a message here and I’ll send you my archived version.

#6 – FactoryTalk View ME: Restoring a Machine Edition Runtime (.MER) fil

Coming in at number six is AID 63228, which sadly is not public but the good news is we cover the same information in our article here.

If you have a Rockwell support contract, you can also pull up the Rockwell Tech Note here.

#7 – Recovering a ViewME Project from MER File version 4.0 or earlier

MERuntime-Configuraiton-Menu-XPComing in at number seven is AID 8913, which sadly is also not public, however we again cover this topic in the second part of our article here.

If you have a Rockwell support contract, you can pull up the Rockwell Tech Note here.

#8 – SLC-100/150 DOS Based Programming Software

SLC100 and 150 Public Tech Note With SoftwareComing in at number eight is AID 41633, which was public awhile back, and allowed users to freely download the DOS based software for the SLC-100 and 150 controllers.

Sadly, after first putting the Tech Note behind the “paywall,” Rockwell has now completely removed it.

If you need a copy of this free software, just drop me a message here and I’ll send you my archived copy of what was once a free download.

#9 – Failed to activate RSLogix 5000 v16, but other versions are activated

RSLogix 5000 Failed To ActivateIn the ninth spot is a Tech Note (525076) quite hard to find, as many experienced users like myself could not get it to come up using a keyword search on Rockwell’s Knowbase.

For complete details, see my article here, and to pull up this publicly available Tech Note, click here.

#10 – PanelViewPlus firmware 10 breaks version 9 and earlier

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 2Last but not least is AID 1071864 which originally was hidden behind a paywall, but now is publicly available here.

In this AID, as well as in our article here, you’ll learn what to do if the PanelView Plus Firmware Upgrade Wizard gives you the error message, “HelpWrapper.dll is missing.”


That’s if for our Top Ten Rockwell Tech Notes for 2020. I hope you enjoyed this article!

On behalf of all of us here at TheAutomationBlog.com, let me wish you a very Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year’s!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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