Last chance to pre-order my eight hour ControlLogix video training course for just $99!


After working on it for many weeks, today I'm happy to announce that I've complete my ControlLogix training course, PAC Basics.

This course, which initially became available as an “early access” digital course and DVD pre-order this past fall, is the longest and most in depth course I've create weighing in at eight hours and spanning six DVDs.

And now with the course on its way to the DVD Manufacturer, it's also time to announce that the “early access” and “DVD Pre-order” sale will be ending this Sunday, January 29th.

So if you (or someone you know) would like to learn how to setup, configure, and program the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix line of Programmable Automation Controllers, for the next fews day you can still order the digital edition, or pre-order six DVD set, for 50% off.

To find out more and to place your order please visit


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