Last chance to get Micro800 training for just $59!

I'm leaving the studio right now pretty excited as I've just finished recording several new lessons for my Micro800 course, Nano Basics.

These new lessons include:

  • Using Analog Inputs
  • Using Analog Outputs
  • Using Spectrum Control I/O
  • Downloading and using Sample Code
  • Using Plug-In I/O AND Expansion I/O
  • Using the Isolated Serial Port module
  • Using Modbus to control a PowerFlex 4M
  • Using Ethernet/IP to control a PowerFlex 525
  • Creating a new PanelView 800 HMI project for control and display
  • And more!

The best part is, all existing students will get all of these new lessons FREE of charge as soon as I edit and publish them.

And since my little Nano Basics course won't be so little once I've uploaded all these new lessons, come July 1st the course price will be increasing from the current $59 to a new price of $99.

So if you've been thinking about learning how to setup and program Rockwell's smallest and least expensive line of Programmable Controllers, I highly recommend picking up Nano Basics now at before this July 1st when its price rises from just $59 to $99.

PS – If you have purchased one of my other courses I have a special “returning student” coupon I'd like to share with you! Just drop me a message on the site from which you've purchased my other course(s) before July 1st and I'll reply with an “returning student” discount coupon for Nano Basics!


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