Insights In Automation now offering PLC, HMI, and SCADA services

IiA-Back-2015-1320x660v1I'm proud to announce that Insights In Automation is now offering consulting, programming, and training services!

Over the years many of our readers and viewers have reached out to us requesting help in solving their automation challenges.

These requests have ranged from debugging of existing code and writing new programs, to telephone consulting and internet based training.

To address these requests, today I'm announcing Insights In Automation is now offering our remote services to the public, and below you'll find several examples of the services we offer:

Virtual Consulting and Training:

  • Reviewing existing code for debugging or troubleshooting purposes
  • Consulting on application design and product capabilities
  • Consulting and Training via internet conferencing
  • Laptop, Workstation, and Server software installation, test, and configuration

PLC Programming Services:

  • Creating or modifying Programmable Controller code for:
    • PLC-5
    • SLC-500
    • MicroLogix
    • Micro800
    • CompactLogix
    • ControlLogix
  • Creating or modifying HMI programs for:
  • Creating or modifying SCADA projects for:
    • FactoryTalk View SE
    • RSView32

File Migration Services:

  • Programmable Controller migration examples:
    • SLC-100 and 150 to Micro800, MicroLogix, and SLC-500
    • MicroLogix to Micro800 and CompactLogix
    • PLC-5 to CompactLogix or ControlLogix
  • HMI migration examples:

When Remote Services Make Sense:

Since all of our services are offered remotely via phone, email, or internet conference, they're not suited to every situation.

Some applications require on-site troubleshooting, or installation and start-up, and it's in those cases our first party remote services won't be an option.

However, it's also not uncommon for facilities to have many small projects waiting to be implemented, but due to limited budgets they often go undone.

In some situations, while the on-site staff is technically capable of implementing these projects, time and manpower restraints leave them uncompleted year after year.

The same situation can also lead to the preemptive work of converting program files from old to new versions, or the debugging long standing issues, going unaddressed month after month.

In those situations, remote services can play a big role by providing a means of getting the majority of the writing or editing of code done at a fraction of the cost of on-site help.

However, remote service typically can't do the entire job. At some point on-site staff will need to download and test the code, and make any programming adjustments as dictated by the application.

Remote Services as a Partnership

It should be noted that wherever Insights In Automation takes on a remote services project, we look at it as a partnership with our customer with the goal being our customer's success.

Put another way, our goal is for every internet conference, PLC program, and HMI project we work on to meet or exceed our customer's needs.

However, to achieve this we need our customer's help up front to define precisely what results are needed from the services we offer.

Ready and Waiting

So if you have a program you need written or debugged, or if your have some PLC or HMI files you need converted, Insights In Automation is ready and waiting to hear from you!

Just head over to our “remote services request” page, and let us know what you need done and how much you'd like to spend, and we'll typically respond in one business day.


Shawn Tierney
Owner,  Insights In Automation


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