Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-FiConnected Components Workbench (CCW) version 7.0 added some much needed usability features when it released back in September of 2014.

One of those welcome features was a context-sensitive right click menu for accessing common tasks.

In today’s article, I show you how to use that menu to export and import variables and their comments in the below steps.

Step 1) Open Micro800 project, right click on controller, select “Variable Import/Export”

The first step is to open the Micro800 project you want to export variables (and their documentation) from.

Once your project is open in Connected Components Workbench (CCW) v7.0 (or later,) right click on the Micro800 controller found at the top left of the Project Organizer.

Now from the right click menu choose “Variable Export/Import” as shown below:

Note: This menu item pertains to the Global Variables

Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-1Step 2) Choose a file location and name for your export file

Once step one is complete, you should see a “Variable Export/Import” popup window.
Click on the browse button to continue.

Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-2Step 3) Select the location and file name for export

When the browse window appears, choose a location and name for your export and then click on “Save”


Step 4) Click on “Export”

Now back in the “Variable Export/Import” popup window click on “Export”

Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-4Step 5) Make a selection to continue

If you would like to view the export file in Microsoft Excel, select “Yes,” otherwise select “No.”
Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-5Step 6) Right click on Program to export Program Variables

If you would also like to export Program Variables, right click on the Program in question (not the Program Variables) and then select “Variable Export/Import”


Step 7) Repeat Steps 2-5 to complete the export

To complete the export of the Program Variables, repeat steps 2-5 while giving the new export file a unique name.

Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-7Step 8) Repeat the above process to import variables by selecting the “Import Variables” tab of the “Variable Export/Import” popup window.

To import Variables (along with their comments) repeat the process for exporting but now choose the “Import Variables” tab of the “Variable Export/Import” popup window.


Step 9) Check the import status to insure import succeeded

Once the import is complete, a window will popup at the bottom of CCW.
Check the window to be sure your import succeeded:

Import-Export-Micro800-Vars-Comments-9If there was an issue or error, you may get a message similar to the one shown below:


I hope you found the above article about how to import and export variables and their comments using Connected Components Workbench helpful.

If you have any of your own comments or questions, please feel free to share them by using the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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