Free Allen-Bradley (A-B) Data Table Access Module (DTAM) and MicroView Software

UPDATE 08/22/22: While I don’t have permission to post the below software publicly, I have made it available to supporters here.

UPDATE 11/2017: Try as I might, I can no longer find either download on these vendor’s websites.

What is the Allen-Bradley Data Table Access Module (DTAM)

1747-DTAM-EDTAM, which stands for “data table access module,” would commonly be referred to today as a text based operator interface.

The original 1747-DTAM-E wasn’t the easiest product to use. It’s main purpose was to allow an operator to access and change SLC-500 data table values. But when Spectrum Control’s released their Spectrum Operator Interface (SOI) in the early nineties, Rockwell quickly began marketing that product as the DTAM Plus.

DTAM PlusThe DTAM Plus was programmed with DTAM Programming Software, or DPS. It allowed the user to add and edit text displays, menus, assign function key functions, and display bar graphs. Over time as the DTAM family grew to include the DTAM Micro and MicroView, the DPS software was updated to support them as well.

After well over a decade of selling the DTAM product line, as Rockwell’s sales of the product slowed due in large part to the release of less expensive Graphical HMI’s, they returned sales and marketing of the DTAM line back to Spectrum Controls who still sells some of these units today.

Where you can download free Allen-Bradley (A-B) Data Table Access Module (DTAM) Software:

DTAM Plus and DTAM Micro product page at Spectrum ControlsFree DTAM Programming Software download from Spectrum Controls:

Programming Software for the DTAM Plus, DTAM Micro, and MicroView (2707-NP) is available from the below link to the Spectrum Controls website for free (providing you fill in your contact information:)

Free DTAM Programming Software download from Rockwell Software / Allen-Bradley:

Free Software Downloads From Rockwell Software Download Listing

Programming Software for the DTAM Plus, DTAM Micro, and MicroView (2707-NP) is available from the below link to the Rockwell Software download page:

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