Flashback Friday! RSView32 Reporting Hands-On Labs


Welcome to The Automation Blog's “Flashback Friday!”

Today I'm highlighting my “RSView32 Reporting Hands-On Labs” document covering several different ways to create reports in RSView32.

RSView32 ReportingIn 2001 clients often asked how to create reports using RSView32. But, with several unique options available, it could be a challenge to determine which was the best fit.

With that in mind, in early 2002 I held a small “RSView32 Reporting Hands-on” workshop in which a dozen clients walked through several different means of creating Reports in RSView32 (I even had a printer setup so they could print each report.)

After the hands-on session I made my step-by-step lab document available online, and which you can now find HERE on The Automation Blog:


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Shawn Tierney
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Old Comment:

  1. Hi Shawn

    Last time, I have success to tried hands On lab using RSView32 with VBA.
    Do you have a sample to develop reporting using VBA in FTView SE?
    Since both are different one the other in VB command.
    Many thanks for your kind help

    • Good morning Sudirman,

      I have not yet posted a ViewSE sample with VBA.

      The biggest difference is in ViewSE the VBA is graphic display based, so VBA code to create a report would be put on a button rather than in the project tree.

      Note: There is an excellent RSTechED lab (session VZ09) all about using VBA in ViewSE – I’m not allowed to redistribute those labs but your local Rockwell representative can send it to you,

      In the mean time, a publically available Rockwell RAOTM ViewSE lab book with some VBA examples can be found here:


      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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      • Hello Shawn,

        Thank you very much for your feedback, anyway your blog is very useful for me as automation engineer (long time ago I’ve lost your old website).