Find Allen-Bradley Parts and Prices with Proposal Works

In this article I’ll walk you through the process of looking up Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software Catalog Numbers and Prices by downloading, installing, and using the free Proposal Works application.

  1. Start by navigating your web browser to

2) Once there, search on “Product Selection Toolbox”:

3) Then select it from the results:

4) Now on the bottom of the PST webpage select Download (EXE):

5) Once downloaded, double click on the installer. When you get to the “Select Features” screen be sure, at a minimum, you have “Proposal Works” selected. Then complete the installation:

6) Once the install is done, you’ll be prompted to run the “Current Updater” so the pricing and catalog number listing in Proposal Works is up to date:

7) Insure “Proposal Works” is selected before clicking on “Check For Updates”:

8) If there are any updates for “Proposal Works,” be sure to click on “Get Selected Updates”:

9) Once Proposal Works is installed, launch it. Then use the “keyword filter” field near the top left of the program to search for the product in question. Next, double click a product category from the filtered list below:

10) This will launch a selection wizard to help you find the exact version of the product you’re looking for, along with any accessories you might need:

11) After you click on accept, you’ll see the product catalog number and list price shown in the “Equipment List,” as can be seen in the CompactLogix 5380 example below:

12) The image below shows an example of a MicroLogix 1100 and 1400 equipment list:

13) This next image shows an example of a RSLogix Micro Start Lite equipment list. It is the programming software used to program the entire MicroLogix family of PLCs:

If you’d like to watch a video demonstration of the above, check out Episode 19 of The Automation Minute Season 4 below:

I hope you’ve found the above information on how to find Allen-Bradley parts and pricing helpful.

If you have any questions, or would like to comment on the above article, please feel free to click on the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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