Late last week Rockwell Automation released version 8.1 of FactoryTalk View Machine Edition.

The recommended computer specs for running ViewME 8.1 include: Intel Pentium 4 2GHZ, 2GB of RAM, and 2GB of Hard disk space.

FactoryTalk-View-8-Splash-FiNote: Personally, I think these specs are too low! I would recommend using the ones for Studio 5000 27 instead.

ViewME 8.1 also supports these operating systems: Windows XP SP3 32Bit, Windows 7 Pro 32 & 64bit, Windows 8 & 8.1 32 and 64 bit, and Windows Server 2012.

New features in ViewME 8.1

Added support for testing displays with tag placeholders

  • You can now test your displays and global objects with parameters (like #1, #2, etc) in View Studio without having to run the project.

New FactoryTalk View File Viewer

  • You can use the new File Viewer to view and save ME and SE datalog files, as well as view Machine Edition Alarm and Recipe Plus files.

Better design-time support for multiple monitors

  • If you close View Studio 8.1 after using it on a multi-monitor system, and later restart it on a single monitor system, it will now re-dock the Explorer and Diagnostic windows, and move all other windows to the primary display.
  • Prior to this change I’ve been told you could not access windows positioned on the second monitor when you returned to a single monitor system.

Additional 8.1 features

  • Support for MobileView terminals
  • Domain LDAP authentication optimizations

Cautions about migrating to ViewME 8.1

While the release notes do contain several things you’ll want to be aware of, the big one for me pertains to ViewPoint.

FTViewME 8.1 RNI’ve been told that ViewPoint 8.1, which is replacing Silverlight with HTML 5 to support mobile devices (very cool,) has been delayed until the Fall.

So if you currently use ViewPoint, for the cleanest and easiest transition I suggest holding off until ViewPoint itself is updated to 8.1.

And even then, I recommend reading the ViewPoint 8.1 release notes prior to upgrading.

Find out more about ViewME 8.1

If you would like to view the FactoryTalk View Machine Edition release notes, well unfortunately right now they don’t seem to be online anyware 🙁

Unlike Studio 5000, I couldn’t find the FTView release notes in the PCDC, and the last update I could find on the RA KB is for 6.1 (as of 9/2.)

So unless you actually download 8.1, your only option may be to drop your local Rockwell rep an email to request them.

Update: Shortly after this article was published, Rockwell posted the FactoryView ME and SE release notes from version 5.0 – 8.1 in the below public (free) tech note:

Special thanks to Sharon Billi for letting us know!

So, what do you think of the new features in ViewME 8.1?
Will you hold off because you’re a ViewPoint user?

Or will you jump on 8.1 right away because of one of the added features?

You can share your thoughts and opinions by submitting the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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Shawn Tierney



    • Good afternoon Jeff,
      At least now (as of v8) the alarm screen does expand when maximized, and remembers when you resize the columns in the messages tab 🙂
      That said, what would you like them to fix next?
      Thanks in advance,
      Shawn Tierney

  1. That was it…nothing worse than not being able to see your message number or complete tag name. Of course, the Golden Ticket will (someday) be a Panelview that can display ALMA’s(!)

  2. Hello shawn, please help,
    On my laptop has been installed FacttoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition Version 7 CPR9 with windows xp sp3 32bit. Initially the software can be used, why now when opened only appear splash screen, thank you for your attention.

    • Good morning wiwie,
      Hmm, off the top of my head I don’t know why this is happening. I’m assuming you did a full reboot of your laptop? I suspend mine a lot but after awhile things like this begin to happen.
      Since even without activation the software will still run, it’s likely not that. You might try ending other tasks you don’t need running using task manager to see if one of them conflicts, or try repairing or reinstalling the software.
      Best of luck – if you find the cause please let us know!
      Shawn Tierney

    • I assume that you have long since re-installed FactoryTalk (the only AB-approved solution I have heard of), but if it happens again try this fix.
      Delete all registry keys in the folder:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRockwell SoftwareFactoryTalk View StudioRecent Applications{E44CB020-C21D-11D3-8A3F-0010A4EF3494}Local
      It is just the recent files list, and when I looked into this a couple years back the process was just hammering these keys. I think there is a problem where deleted applications that are still in the recent files list is causing the issue, but I may be wrong. At any rate, it seems that the time it takes to open FT was doubling occasionally, and it got to the point that if I left the computer running for ~8 hours it would eventually open.

  3. Does this version support the Compact series displays (2711PC-xxxx)? I upgraded a short while ago from v5 only to found out I had to make an older runtime since new firmware wasn’t available


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