The Automation School is now offering an “Early Access” sale for the new View SE Basics course.

In this course students will learn how to create, deploy, modify, and backup View Site Edition applications using FactoryTalk View Studio Enterprise.

NOTE: While this course is in early access the below list of lessons will continue to update and change.

Early Access: Published Lessons:
– Course Introduction (published 2-23, 6 minutes)
– What is ViewSE? (published 2-23, 17 minutes)
– Documentation, Downloads(published 2-23)
– Hardware and Software requirements (published 2-23)
– ViewSE in Action: Four Applications (published 2-23, three parts, 29 minutes total)
– Restoring Applications (published 2-28 3.5 minutes)
– Creating your first Stand-Alone project (published 2-23, Updated 2-28, three parts, 42 mins total)
– Displays, Settings, (published 2-23)
– Object Properties, Grid, Align, Nudge, Sizing, Grouping, In-place Editing (published 2-23)
– Testing your application, Creating a Client File, Editing while running (published 2-23)
– Adding Objects to Displays including Drawing objects, Library Objects, and Symbol Factory (published 3-06)
– HMI System Tags, Numeric Displays, Color and Fill Animations (published 3-06)

Additional Planned Lessons:
NOTE – This list will change over time, and prospective lessons may be added or removed.
* Using Parameters and On Top Displays
* Using Tags, Numeric and String Displays and Inputs, Memory Tags
* Substitute, and Find and Replace
* Setting Communications via RSLinx Enterprise and Classic
* Animation and Control with HMI Device Tags and Direct References
* Creating and Using Global Objects
* Data Logging and Trending
* Alarming
* Security
* Backing up and Deploying Your Project
* Setup and Use ViewPoint
* Importing Projects
* What's new in View? A short history of features added from v1-10
* V9 Feature Section Intro
* Using Recipes
* Using Trend Pro
* V10 Feature Section Intro
* V10 Features

Additional topics as course progresses:
Bonus 1: Upgrade your license from ME to SE
Bonus 2: Find your local Rep
Bonus 3: Create a Win10Pro VM
Bonus 4: Installing ViewStudio
Bonus 5: Windows 10 update issues, and how to fix!
Bonus 6: How to setup and run ViewSE Samples

If you are interested in learning more about this course, or would like enroll, visit The Automation School today.  The course will be deeply discounted during the Early Access sale, so don't miss out.


Tracey Tierney
Business Manager
Insights In Automation