Do you know someone who needs PanelView Plus training?

Question of the Week:

Do you know someone who needs

PanelView Plus training?


In this week’s question, we’re asking if you or someone you know needs PanelView Plus training?

If you answer yes, we’d also like to know if you think the preferred format would be DVD video, Interactive Online Course, Online Streaming, Digital Download, Physical book, or eBook?

If you have a different option you’d like to add to our poll, please feel free to do so by selecting the “other” option.

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Note: You can save 50% on our planned PanelView Plus training course by telling us what you think should be included in the course agenda!

Just let us know your thoughts at the below website, and when the course is released we’ll send you a 50% off coupon!

You can also vote in any of our previous polls – for a complete listing, click on the below link:

Thanks for taking part in our “Question of the Week” poll!

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