What should you learn if you're going to start programming or maintaining Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers?

Well, in the below video I cover all the different subjects I believe are important and can be found in my new eight hour ControlLogix training course, PAC Basics:

After watching the above video, if you're interested in learning more about my course you'll find a complete list of lessons included in PAC Basics below:

PAC Basics Lesson Listing:

Section 0: PAC Basics Course Introduction

  • Course intro video

Section 1: Hardware

  • Section Intro
  • ControlLogix System Overview
  • ControlLogix Hardware, Part 1 – Processors
  • ControlLogix Hardware, Part 2 – Comm Modules
  • ControlLogix Hardware, Part 3 – IO, Chassis, PS
  • ControlLogix Controller Design/Anatomy
  • Component Selection and Documentation

Section 2: Software

  • Section Intro
  • RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000
  • Using RSLogix/Studio 5000
  • Controller Properties
  • Tasks, Pragrams, Routines, Tags

Section 3: Communications

  • Section Intro
  • Setting up Ethernet and ControlNet addresses
  • Setting up RSLinx for Ethernet, Serial, and USB Comms
  • Flashing Firmware

Section 4: Programming:

  • Section Intro
  • Project Creation and Editing, Adding and Configuring Local, Ethernet, and ControlNet I/O
  • Downloading and Testing I/O Config Offline Scheduling ControlNet I/O
  • Controller Tags, Program Tags, and Alias
  • Ladder Logic Routines
  • Creating Motor Control Ladder Logic Sub-Routine and JSRs
  • Part Sensing Ladder Logic Routine and Online Edits
  • Function Block Diagram Routines
  • Creating, Editing, and Running Function Block Routine 1
  • Creating, Editing, and Running Function Block Routine 2
  • Creating User Defined Data Types
  • Structured Text Routines
  • Creating, Editing, and Running a Structured Text Routine
  • SFC Routines
  • Creating, Editing, and Running an SFC Routine

Section 5: Advanced Programming: 

  • Changing a Project’s Controller or Version
  • Quickly and Easily Duplicating Code (Rungs, Routines, Programs)
  • Creating and Using Add-on Instructions
  • Downloading and using free RA AOIs
  • Downloading and using free PlantPAx AOIs

Section 6: Advanced Communications: 

  • Produced and Consumed Tags
  • Messaging Logix controllers
  • Messaging Legacy A-B PLCs using DF1
  • Messaging Legacy A-B PLCs using DHPlus
  • Messaging Legacy A-B PLCs using Ethernet
  • Bonus! How the PLC’s is this section were setup: Episode 36 of The Automation Podcast

Section 7: Course Conclusion and Credits

For more information about my ControlLogix course visit PAC Basics Course

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

Shawn M Tierney
Technology Enthusiast & Content Creator

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