Control Panel Hardware Demo

In today's article I share pictures of a well done Control Panel demo from Panduit.


One of the things I admire about this Panduit demo is that they not only created a control panel with as many of their products as they could fit, but they the also spent the time to label each one with a description and part number.



One of my favorite items is the ABDCM dynamic cable manager, which you can see in the top right corner of the picture below.

This simple little device, with it's ball and socket tether, can eliminate the issue of the mounts closest to the hinge detaching.


While corner duct has been around for some time, this panel does a good job of showing it's utility.


Many folks who have yet to try Din-Rail duct, pictured below.

It does add depth to a panel, as well as introduces an unconventional design, but in some panel designs it definitely has its advantages.


Panduit is big in the physical network hardware space, and the two termination panel boxes below have started to become extremely popular.

Personally, I really like the easy on (and off) din-rail design.


Finally, I want to give kudo's to Panduit for the Faux control system parts.

While they used genuine relays and terminal blocks from our favorite supplier, when it came to the more expensive control system parts (PLC, VFD, and Switch) they did a very good job creating low cost mockups like the Stratix switch above and the PowerFlex drive below.

Panduit Control Panel Demo 7

That's it for today's article showcasing the Panduit Control Panel demo.

If you see anything new in this panel you like, or have some other favorite panel gadget you'd like to share, please leave your comments with us by filling in the “post a comment or question” link below.


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