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Top New Products Revealed At Automation Fair 2015

Question of the Week: What do you think will be the most popular new product(s) revealed at Automation Fair this week? Automation Fair 2015 is now underway and in this week's "Question of the Week" I'm asking what you think will be the most popular new product(s)...

What's New in Studio 5000, AF 2016

Another Automation Fair Technical Session I attended yesterday was, "What's New in Studio 5000," and below I'll recap what I found most interesting about that session First up was Logix Designer and a slide reminding us of the features found in the...
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Seven Products I Want To See At Automation Fair 2014

One Week To Go... With just seven days to go before I head off to Rockwell's annual Automation Fair, these are the seven products I'm most looking forward to finding out more about: Seven Products I Hope to learn more about...

New Flex 5000 I/O

Welcome to part nine of the nine part series covering my choices for the top new PLC and HMI products shown at Rockwell's Automation Fair 2017. Note: While this series covers the products in which I am most interested, you'll...

Send us your Automation Fair 2015 Pictures!

If you're attending Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair today or tomorrow, we'd love to see your pictures of the event and share them with our audience! To send them to us, use any of the below methods: Facebook: Share them on our wall at...

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