Programmable Controllers

Programmable Controllers

Get A-B Programmable Controller data into Microsoft Excel using RSLinx

In Today's article I'll walk you through how you can bring Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller Data into Microsoft Excel 2016 using RSLinx Classic. NOTE: The below procedure works with any licensed copy of RSLinx Classic, including Single Node, OEM, and Gateway shown...

Do you use Alias Tags? Automation Talk for March 22, 2019

One limitation of legacy programmable controllers like the PLC-5, SLC-500, and MicroLogix, was the inability to save "address names," known as "symbols" in the aforementioned products, directly to the controller. And since these "symbols" could only be saved with the...

RSLogix 5000 Ladder Logic Example - ASCII Integer from Word to String

This is a simple RSLogix 5000 program designed to convert a integer which contains two ASCII characters read from a bar code reader to the first two characters in a String. Requirements: RSLogix 5000 Version: 10 Additional Requirements: None File Size:...

RSLogix Micro Starter Unboxing

Last year I purchased a copy of Rockwell's RSLogix Micro Starter programming software (~$150) which programs all of Rockwell's MicroLogix programmable controllers. Note: Rockwell recently changed RSLogix Micro Starter to download only, so new purchases will not receive the package shown in this post - more...

MicroLogix 1200 to PowerFlex 4 from 22-SCM-232 Manual

This first program is based on the example in the appendix of the 22-SCM-232 Manual. After unsuccessfully attempting to get an electronic copy from Rockwell Drives Tech Support, I broke down and typed in all the ladder and comments myself. Once setup...

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