RSLogix Micro Starter Unboxing


Last year I purchased a copy of Rockwell's RSLogix Micro Starter programming software (~$150) which programs all of Rockwell's MicroLogix programmable controllers. Note: Rockwell recently changed RSLogix Micro Starter to download only, so new purchases will not receive the package shown in this post – …

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How to add Ethernet to a MicroLogix


The MicroLogix is a very popular Micro Programmable Controller, and I often get calls asking how they can be added to an Ethernet network While we've previously discussed options for adding Ethernet to PLC-5 processors,  in today's article we'll discuss what it takes to add …

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MicroLogix Protocol Support

MicroLogix Family Featured Image

In today's article we'll review the communication protocols supported by all the models and series of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix programmable controllers. MicroLogix 1000 Protocol Support: Channel 0: Series A: DF1 Respond Only Series B: Same as series A Series C & Analog: DF1 …

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MicroLogix Communication Ports


In today's article we'll review the communication ports found on the Allen-Bradley series of MicroLogix programmable controllers. MicroLogix 1000 Communication Port: Channel 0: 8 Pin Mini-Din The MicroLogix 1000 includes a single RS-232 serial port for communications. This port is an …

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