Micro800 Family

What's New In Connected Components Workbench V11? (P43)

I review the new features of Connected Components Workbench v11 in Episode 43 of The Automation Podcast. Watch the Podcast: [vimeo 365833915 w=750 h=420] Listen to the Podcast:

Beginner's PLC (P26)

In The Automation Podcast: Episode 26, we discuss two different options when choosing a Beginner's PLC. Note - You'll find more information about choosing a Beginner's PLC in our companion article below: Blog: Beginner's PLC Listen to the...

Allen-Bradley Micro820 (P4)

In The Automation Podcast, Episode 4, we discuss the Micro820 and CCW6 as shown at Automation Fair 2013. Note: You can read more about the Micro820 as shown at Automation Fair in our companion blog article HERE. Listen...