RSLogix 5000 v20.03 Download Notice Featured Image

What you need to know before upgrading to RSLogix 5000 version 20.03

Wait! Before you install version 20.03 you really should understand how it's different, very different, from all previous minor revisions of RSLogix 5000. Update! Version 20.04 solves many of the problems introduced with 20.03 - find out more in our...
Using the EthernetIP Capacity Tool Featured Image

Estimating your Allen-Bradley (A-B) Logix controller's Ethernet/IP bandwidth using Rockwell's free Ethernet/IP capacity tool

When designing or upgrading a system which relies on a network, bandwidth is always a concern. But for Rockwell's CompactLogix and ControlLogix on an Ethernet/IP network there is a free, easy to use utility to help you size your system. Rockwell's Ethernet/IP Capacity Tool: UPDATE 06/01/2018:...

Can multiple Logix PLC's control the same Ethernet I/O?

A client recently asked me if multiple CompactLogix (or ControlLogix) processors could control the same Ethernet I/O. Since RSLogix5000 has supported Ethernet I/O, its been possible to setup two processors to control, or "own," the same remote rack of Ethernet I/O....
Rockwell Allen-Bradley's Logix-WP006 Table 1 - Adding I/O Online

ControlLogix support for adding I/O online

A common client question of late is what are the abilities of the ControlLogix when is comes to adding I/O online. In certain industries, processes can't shut down as doing so would lead to loss of production or in extreme...
RSLinx USB Driver - RSWho finds L24

Plug and Play with Allen-Bradley Devices

Plug and Play comes to the world of Allen-Bradley Industrial Automation. With a fairly recent copy of the free RSLinx Classic Lite, and A-B devices with USB ports, you simply plug the A-B USB product into your PC using a standard USB...

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