RSL5K Controller Properties with Nonvolatile Memory Tab Circled

How to test the loading of Non-Volatile memory in your CompactLogix or ControlLogix

Similar to other Allen-Bradley PLC's, the CompactLogix and ControlLogix Controllers give you three options for loading the Controller's memory "image" from non-volatile memory (CompactFlash, SD, etc.) These "load modes" are "User Initiated," "On Power Up," and "On Corrupt Memory." Below I'll walk...
Logix DateTime Off By Hours

Why your CompactLogix or ControlLogix Real Time Clock (DateTime) may be a few hours...

A client recently called frustrated that the real time clock in his CompactLogix processor was always off by 4 hours. While I had heard this complaint in the past, since I hadn't run into it myself I needed to do a little research to understand what this client...

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