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RSLinx USB Driver - RSWho finds L24

Plug and Play with Allen-Bradley Devices

Plug and Play comes to the world of Allen-Bradley Industrial Automation. With a fairly recent copy of the free RSLinx Classic Lite, and A-B devices with USB ports, you simply plug the A-B USB product into your PC using a standard USB...

Logix Application Code Manager, as seen at TechED 2015

At this year's Rockwell Automation TechED, a new library management tool for Studio 5000 Logix designer was debuted. Named the "Studio 5000 Logix Designer Application Code Manager," or ACM for short, it was the subject of a presentation session (SY04,) a demonstration...

Which ControlLogix Models Support Modbus?

In a recent article we took a look at which CompactLogix models support Modbus. As a follow-up to that post, in today’s article we’ll take a look at which ControlLogix processors support Modbus. ControlLogix support for Modbus RTU ControlLogix models with a built-in DB9 serial port don't...

ControlLogix Training Video and Detailed Lessons

What should you learn if you're going to start programming or maintaining Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers? Well, in the below video I cover all the different subjects I believe are important and can be found in my new eight...

Price Comparison: 1756-L8 vs 1756-L7

In today's article we review how Rockwell's new 1756-L8xE (5580) line of processors stack up price wise with the 1756-L7x (5570) series. Since Rockwell released its new 5580 processors (1756-L83E, 1756-L85E,) we've been receiving regular updates from our readers about...

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