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Connect FactoryTalk View and Linx to the Micro800

One of my connections recently shared how he was able to connect FactoryTalk View Studio to the new Micro800 Simulator (thanks Floyd!) After reviewing his email, I thought it would be a great opportunity share with everyone how you setup...

Is Ethernet the only way to connect to a PanelView Plus?

Student Question: I'm not sure I can connect to my PanelView Plus 600 at work to edit its program using Ethernet because I'm not an admin on my PC and can't change my Ethernet settings from DHCP. Can I use USB or...

How RSView32 and FactoryTalk View Licensing Differs

I talk to a lot of people these days who are looking to migrate their old RSView32 systems, usually running on Windows XP, to FactoryTalk View Site Edition running on Windows 7 or 8. The first question I usually ask is...
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Why won't RSLinx Enterprise show up in Emulate 5000?

Last week a client sent me a CompactLogix file and PanelView Plus file to review. To test these files together I usually change the CompactLogix file into an Emulator file in RSLogix 5000, and then download it to Emulate 5000 (a...
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Why the Allen-Bradley (A-B) 1747-PIC always had trouble working in Microsoft Windows

Over the years I’ve heard more than my fair share of complaints about Allen-Bradley’s 1747-PIC’s lack of Microsoft Windows support. In fact, every time I now hear someone complain I can’t help but say, “It’s a DOS product! From 1990!...
PanelView Plus 6 600 Front

Using DH-485 On The New PanelView Plus 6 400 And 600

Most of the original PanelView Plus 400 and 600 models accepted an optional communications module, and the following were available: 2711P-RN3 DH-485 communication module 2711P-RN8 DH+ communication module 2711P-RN15C ControlNet communication module 2711P-RN22C RS-232 isolated communication module However, with the release of the new PanelView Plus 6...

How To Automatically Run A USB Flash Drive Script On The PanelView Plus

On Monday and Tuesday we discussed how to access the "Configuration Mode" of the PanelView Plus and PanelView Plus 6. One additional way we did not yet cover is using an "autorun.bat" file on a USB Memory Stick (aka USB Thumb Drive,...
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FactoryTalk Alarm and Events area issue

A good client recently asked me to visit a site with him to help troubleshoot an odd issue he was having with FactoryTalk Alarm and Events. The site had redundant high-end Dell servers, each with FactoryTalk View Site Edition Server, RSLinx Enterprise,...

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