How to setup and use RS Emulate

Last week I walked through how to get a free copy of RSLogix Emulate 500, and in today's article I'll show you how to set it up. The first step is to launch RSLogix Emulate 500 and open an RSLogix...

Top Two RSLogix 5, 500, Micro Tips

When you've been using a software package since version 1.0, you're likely to pick up some tips along the way. And when you've spent twenty years helping others learn to use that software, you also learn which features are obvious...

How to get free A-B PLC Sample Programs

I get asked a lot by my students where they can get sample programs for MicroLogix PLCs. I tell them that, in addition to the sample programs found in the product's user manual, Rockwell also make over twenty fully documented...

How to download RS Emulate (A-B PLC Emulator) for free

READ FIRST: As of April 2020 this procedure has changed - see the new article HERE for the updated steps. Original Article: RSLogix Emulate 500 is an excellent little application used to "emulate" SLC-500 and MicroLogix PLCs. And while it use to...

How to download RSLogix and RSLinx for free

READ FIRST: As of April 2020 this procedure has changed - see the new article HERE for the updated steps. Original Article: Rockwell Automation recently redesigned their website, and it is now actually harder to find the free RSLogix and RSLinx...

Get RSLogix ready for Halloween!

In today's article I'll show you a little known trick to give RSLogix 5, 500 & Micro some Halloween spirit! First, you know that online animation in RSLogix? You know, the rotating "Ladder" animation near the top of the screen: Well we're going to change that...

Flashback Friday! MicroLogix to PowerFlex 4

Welcome to The Automation Blog's "Flashback Friday!" Today I'm highlighting a couple of eleven year old MicroLogix programs showing how to communicate to a PowerFlex 4. Back in 2004 many small OEM's were approaching me about using the MicroLogix to control the small PowerFlex...
MicroLogix1000 to Micro800 Guide Fi

Rockwell Releases MicroLogix 1000 to Micro800 Migration Guide

On June 29th in this article I wrote about Rockwell's recent announcement that the product life cycle designation for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500 family had been changed to "end of life." I followed up that article with another on July 1st...
MicroLogix 1000 End of Life Fi

MicroLogix 1000 and 1500 End of Life Date Announced

Rockwell Automation has officially listed the "end of life" date for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500. According to their website, they will cease production of the two oldest MicroLogix models on June 30th, 2017. We first came across this news while reviewing the publically available session materials...

Everything you need to know to get started programming Allen-Bradley PLCs

So you, or someone you know, wants to learn how to use Allen-Bradley programmable controllers? Well you're in luck! In today's article I'll cover everything you need to know to get started. 1) What is the best A-B PLC to start learning with? The most...