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How to setup RSLinx comms and connect to a MicroLogix 1200

So you need to know how to setup RSLinx Classic to communicate to an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 in order to download or go online with RSLogix? Well you're in luck as in today's article I'll walk you step by step through...

I want to learn A-B PLC's, which model should I get?

This is a common question I get here on the blog and from my students at TheAutomationSchool.com. And while Rockwell has released many different platforms since 1970, there's one current gen and one last gen I usually recommend. Budget Minded First let's assume...

MicroLogix 1000 vs. 1100 Part One: Program files

While the MicroLogix 1000 is the least expensive RSLogix based PLC from Rockwell Automation (starting around $150,) it's also the most limited. That in mind, in today's article we'll compare the MicroLogix 1000's "Program Files" with the MicroLogix 1100's, as...

MicroLogix 1200 to PowerFlex 4 using Modbus

This second program is based on the first, but uses the Modbus Master protocol available in the latest release of the MicroLogix 1200, as well as a 1761-Net-AIC. The biggest obstacle in getting this configuration to work was trying to find...

SLC-500 and MicroLogix Index: Links to all our articles, podcasts, and videos

Insights In Automation's SLC-500 and MicroLogix Index (78) Updated on April 1st, 2015 Today we're featuring all the articles, podcasts, and videos we've done on the topic of the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 and Micrologix. If there’s a new SLC-500 or MicroLogix topic you’d like to see covered, let us know by...

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