A-B 5380 and 5069: Don't forget to order your terminal blocks!

The new 5380 CompactLogix and 5069 Compact I/O don't come with terminal blocks. For well over a decade Allen-Bradley customers counted on terminal blocks being included when they purchased either a 1769 CompactLogix controller, or 1769 Compact I/O. However, with the...
Flex Ex End of Life Fi

Rockwell updates Flex EX as "End of Life"

While preparing a story on another product's life cycle status, we became aware of the fact that Rockwell had updated the status of their 1797 Flex Ex line to "end of life." The Flex Ex line of distributed I/O is based on the popular Flex I/O...
1769-AENTR Featured Image

The 1769-AENTR as seen at Automation Fair 2013

Mid-morning of the first day of Automation Fair 2013, I had the fortune of participating in a show floor meeting with Dexter Long, the CompactLogix product manager for Rockwell Automation. The meeting was to discuss the newly announced (and long desired)...

How to add ControlNet Flex I/O to ControlLogix (Article & Video, TAS 22)

In today's article (and video) I walk through how to add ControlNet Flex I/O to a ControlLogix system: NOTE: This article is not a comprehensive ControlNet tutorial, so if you're not already familiar with ControlNet you'll likely want to learn...

What is IO-Link?

If you're like me you've likely used DeviceNet and Hart, but until recently have never heard of IO-Link. So in today's article we'll take a look at the basics of this sensor and actuator communications technology. 1) Point to Point Communications IO-Link is...
MicroLogix 1500 to 1400 or CompactLogix

MicroLogix 1500 Migration Options

With the recent announcement from Rockwell Automation that the MicroLogix 1500's status has been changed to "End of Life," many are asking, "What's the best Micro to migrate too?" Since the 1500 has some unique features, in order to suggest a...

Converting ControlNet I/O to EtherNet I/O

If you have had ControlLogix systems running in your facility for any amount of time, chances are they contain ControlNet communication modules for the communication between processor chassis and their controlled remote I/O chassis as well as a myriad...
Rockwell Automation Literature Library Homepage

How to get Allen-Bradley (A-B) and Rockwell Software (RS) Manuals and Documentation: Part 1

When using new products from Allen-Bradley or Rockwell Software, you’ll likely need to refer to the product documentation and manuals for product details. And if you still have the box the product came in, you’ll often find an installation...

Rockwell launching new I/O line: 5069 Compact I/O platform

Recently one of our readers brought to our attention that Rockwell Automation was preparing to launch a new I/O platform (thanks Brian!) Not having heard of it myself, I headed over to Rockwell's Literature Library to see if they had yet to published any...
Large Rack Of Point I/O

Large Point I/O rack communication issue

  I was recently called into a “consumer goods” plant to look at a communication problem with Point I/O. The night before I was told all the Point I/O, which had been successfully tested overseas, was no longer working. However, when I arrived on-site the problem was...