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Studio 5000 Logix Designer Splash FI

Studio 5000 Version 26 Released

Rockwell Automation recently released version 26 of its Studio 5000 Logix Designer software for programming its CompactLogix and ControlLogix PACs. The download weighs in at 3.20gb, and with a good high speed connection users can expect it to take just under 30 minutes. The...

GaurdLogix 5580

Welcome to part seven of the nine part series covering my choices for the top new PLC and HMI products shown at Rockwell's Automation Fair 2017. Note: While this series covers the products in which I'm most interested, you'll find...

How to add Ethernet to a SLC-500

The SLC-500 is a very popular PLC with over a million installed processors in facilities around the world. Over the years many of those facilities have modernized their sites by adding plantwide ethernet networks, and I often get calls asking how they can add their legacy SLC-500...
ControlLogix Redundancy featured image

What you need to know about ControlLogix redundancy

Over the years I've received many request for information about ControlLogix redundancy. During that time I've developed the following ten tips for new redundancy users: At a minimum you will need two processors, two communication modules, two redundancy modules, a redundancy module interconnect cable, two...

The SLC-500: Controller Image Gallery

Here's an image gallery of all five models of SLC-500 Modular Controllers. Have a question or comment? If you do, you can post it by clicking on the comment link below my signature.

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