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The SLC-500: Communicate and Download over DH-485 using RSLinx and RSLogix 500

So you need to know how to setup RSLinx Classic to communicate over DH-485 to an Allen-Bradley SLC-500 so you can download or go online with RSLogix? Well you're in luck as in today's article I'll walk you step to setup...

A-B SLC-500 DH-485 Comm Setup & Download (Video, TAM S3 E17)

Learn how to setup DH-485 communications to an A-B SLC-500 and then download to it in Episode 17 of The Automation Minute Season 3: If you've found this video helpful, checkout my PLC Basics Training Course HERE. You can also now buy...

DH-485 Comms Hardware and RSLinx Setup (Video, TAS 25)

In this week's episode of The Automation Show, I cover the different hardware used to connect a PC to a DH-485 network, as well as how to configure RSLinx Classic Drivers for each: For more information, check out the "Show...

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