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FactoryTalk View Machine Edition 8.1 Released

Late last week Rockwell Automation released version 8.1 of FactoryTalk View Machine Edition. The recommended computer specs for running ViewME 8.1 include: Intel Pentium 4 2GHZ, 2GB of RAM, and 2GB of Hard disk space. Note: Personally, I think these specs are too low!...
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Graphically enhancing your PanelView Plus or ViewSE project

Most of the modern HMI projects I've seen look as if they escaped from the 70's. I mean, why spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a modern HMI if your screens are going to consist of large square buttons and numeric displays? To...
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Data Logging Options For CompactLogix and ControlLogix

Clients often ask me about available data logging options for the CompactLogix and ControlLogix. And as of version 21, the controller itself still has no native data logging feature (maybe in v22 v30?) While you can create trends in RSLogix5000 which...

View Studio - Remote Display Control with Global Connections

In today's article I review how to remotely trigger Graphic Displays on a PanelView Plus or FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Runtime. Step 1) With your View Studio project open, double click on Global Connections: Step 2) Now select the "Display" tab: Step 3) Here you...

PanelView Plus 6 Compact requires ME Transfer Utility version 7.0

A client recently called me about issues he was having downloading to his new PanelView Plus 6 Compact. He was using FactoryTalk ViewStudio version 6.1 which was the same version as the firmware on the unit. But, when he browsed for...

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