Siemens Distributed IO Overview (P84)

My guest this week is Raj Rajendra of Siemens who introduces us to Siemens Distributed IO in Episode 84 of The Automation Podcast. For more information, check out the "Show Notes" located below the video. Watch...

What's New with Siemens PLCs, MIA 2020

I recently had a chance to sit down and check out some of the Siemens presentations from their Manufacturing In America 2020 virtual event. In today's article I'll highlight the slides that caught my attention...

How To Add Profinet I/O & Drives To S7-1500 (Video, TAS 24)

In this week's episode of The Automation Show, John DeTellem walks us through how to add PROFINET (Ethernet) I/O and Drives to an S7-1500 using TIA Portal: For more information, check out the "Show Notes"...