USB to Data Highway Plus using the ANC-120e, a lower cost alternative to the...

In today's episode of The Automation Podcast I take a look at the ANC-120e USB to Data Highway Plus converter from Automation Networks. Now you may be asking yourself why the folks over at Automation Networks...
SLC-500 Rack On Set

Insight's Inbox: I can't connect to my SLC-500

Today we dig into our mailbag for another edition of "Insight's Inbox." Reader Question: I've run into an issue for which I would like to ask your opinion. Here in our plant we have SLC-500, specifically a SLC-5/03, which controls our material...

Low Cost MicroLogix Programming Cable

As I began production of my Micro Programmable Controller Basics DVD last May, I realized that people who wanted to learn PLC's on their own would likely need help finding low cost alternatives to expensive...
Tripp Lite Keyspan USB to Serial 1

Low cost USB to Serial Cable that works with RSLinx

As you may know, last year I began a Kickstarter project to create a low cost Micro PLC Training DVD. As part of that effort, I was searching for a low cost USB to Serial adapter that individuals...
9300-USBS USB cable

The 9300-USBS: What comes in the box?

If you're responsible for keeping Rockwell Automation devices up and running, and some of them require a serial connection, you can't go wrong with the 9300-USBS. While it's a little pricey for a USB to...