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How to setup RSLinx comms and connect to a MicroLogix 1200

So you need to know how to setup RSLinx Classic to communicate to an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 in order to download or go online with RSLogix? Well you're in luck as in today's article I'll walk you step by step through...

I want to learn A-B PLC's, which model should I get?

This is a common question I get here on the blog and from my students at TheAutomationSchool.com. And while Rockwell has released many different platforms since 1970, there's one current gen and one last gen I usually recommend. Budget Minded First let's assume...

SLC-500 and MicroLogix Index: Links to all our articles, podcasts, and videos

Insights In Automation's SLC-500 and MicroLogix Index (78) Updated on April 1st, 2015 Today we're featuring all the articles, podcasts, and videos we've done on the topic of the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 and Micrologix. If there’s a new SLC-500 or MicroLogix topic you’d like to see covered, let us know by...

How to download RS Emulate (A-B PLC Emulator) for free

Update: Click HERE for the latest procedure to download RSLogix Micro, RSLinx Classic, and Emulate 500 for FREE. RSLogix Emulate 500 is an excellent little application used to "emulate" SLC-500 and MicroLogix PLCs. And while it use to cost hundreds of...

How to setup and use RS Emulate

Last week I walked through how to get a free copy of RSLogix Emulate 500, and in today's article I'll show you how to set it up. The first step is to launch RSLogix Emulate 500 and open an RSLogix...

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