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Graphically enhancing your PanelView Plus or ViewSE project

Most of the modern HMI projects I've seen look as if they escaped from the 70's. I mean, why spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a modern HMI if your screens are going to consist of large square buttons and numeric displays? To...

ViewSE: What do you want to learn?

With the new year upon us, and my 2017 consulting engagements complete, I'm now embarking on the creation of my next training course, ViewSE Basics. Update: ViewSE Basics is now available here. With that in mind, I wanted to reach out...
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Rockwell's RSView32 Migration Videos

All this week we've been talking about RSView32 to FactoryTalk View SE migration, and today we're spotlighting Rockwell's own videos on the subject. Preparing for Migration First up is this seven part series on preparing for, and considerations of, migrating RSView32...
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When FactoryTalk View Displays Are Slow To Update

I run into this more often than you would think. I’ll be working with a controls engineer, or in a manufacturing facility in front of a PanelView Plus or FactoryTalk View SE SCADA system, when I notice the system seems to...

Windows Meltdown and Spectre Patches Impact Rockwell Software Users

Earlier this week, Bob (a fellow automation instructor and a LinkedIn connection), sent me a message about a serious Windows update issue he encountered after returning from winter break. Apparently, Microsoft released several security updates for Windows 7, 8.1, 10,...

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