Which PanelView is right for your application?

With so many different Allen-Bradley PanelViews available from Rockwell Automation, it can often be quite confusing for new customers to know which one is...

Studio 5000 View Designer Version 2.01 Released

Late last week Rockwell Automation released its new Studio 5000 View Designer software used to create HMI applications for the PanelView 5500. The recommended computer specs to...

PanelView 5500 documents now in Literature Library

While working on another story, I became aware that Rockwell Automation has published several PanelView 5500 documents in its Literature Library. The interesting part is,...
The PanelView 5000 as shown at RSTechED 2012

New PanelView products detailed in updated guide!

In a recently released update to Rockwell's Visualization Guide, new information about upcoming PanelView products has been detailed. First on the list is the PanelView 5500, which as...

The PanelView 5500, as seen at TechED 2015

This year some very lucky attendees of Rockwell's TechEd had the opportunity to test drive Rockwell's next generation of HMI's, the PanelView 5500. It's been literally years since...

What’s New in Integrated Architecture, as seen at TechED 2015

My all time favorite sessions at Rockwell Automation's TechED are the "What's New" sessions. This year these sessions didn't disappoint, with several new products revealed in "What’s New in...
The PanelView 5000 as shown at RSTechED 2012

The PanelView 5000: What We Know So Far

The PanelView 5000 was first previewed at Rockwell's Automation Fair 2011, but not much was being said about it at the time. In fact so little...

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