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FactoryTalk ViewPoint 8.1 Released

Late last week Rockwell Automation released version 8.1 of their FactoryTalk ViewPoint software. If you're not familiar with ViewPoint, it's an add-on to FactoryTalk View software which publishes graphic displays as interactive webpages. This latest version is said to work with...

Do you know someone who needs PanelView Plus training?

Question of the Week: Do you know someone who needs PanelView Plus training? In this week's question, we're asking if you or someone you know needs PanelView Plus training? If you answer yes, we'd also like to know if you think the preferred format would...
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FactoryTalk View support for Windows XP / 7 / 8

Last week in this article I discussed how to use Rockwell's PCDC webpage to look up the compatibility of Rockwell Software packages with Microsoft Windows operating systems. In today’s article we’ll take a look at the results for FactoryTalk View: FactoryTalk View...
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How to get Rockwell's PlantPAx Library of Process Objects

One of the new lessons I've recorded for my ControlLogix training course, PAC Basics, is how to download and use some of the AOIs included with Rockwell's PlantPAx Library of Process Objects. And since Rockwell made major changes to their website recently,...

Insights Inbox: How do I edit a PanelView Plus .MER file?

In today's edition of "Insight's Inbox" we answer a reader's question about editing PanelView Plus .MER runtime files. Reader Question: Is it possible to edit a PanelView Plus .MER file? And if it is, how is it done? Insight's Answer: The answer is...

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