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Where Do You Get Your Automation News Online?

Many of us can't afford the time or expense required to travel to industry trade shows to learn what's new and coming in industrial automation.And even those of us located near major metropolitan areas, which seem to have no...
Automation Fair 2014 7 entrance

Will you be attending Automation Fair 2016?

Question of the Week: Will you be attending Rockwell's Automation Fair 2016 in Atlanta?Automation Fair is Rockwell's annual event which includes a trade show, industry forums, hands-on labs and technical sessions. And this year I'm very happy to announce that I do plan on...

What do you think of Rockwell's new website?

Question of the Week: What do you think of Rockwell's new website?Over the weekend I went up to AB.com to grab some manuals and low and behold their homepage was completely different. My first reaction wasn't good because I had memorize...

Are you planning on attending Rockwell's TechED this June?

Question of the Week: Are you planning on attending Rockwell Automation's TechED in June?Last week I received the annual email inviting me to sign-up for Rockwell Automation's TechED event. This year it's being held at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando, Florida, from June 12th...

Which industrial network do you have the most devices installed on?

Question of the Week: In your facility today, which industrial network do you have the most devices installed on?After spending a couple of weeks blogging and creating videos on using Logix with Ethernet, this week I'm going back to the much older DH-485 network...

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