Automation Fair 2016 Session Registration Now Open!

And I'm hopeful my work-around to the registration bug really works!

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It's official, Hands-on lab and Technical Session registration is now open at!

And from what I'm hearing there will be no on-site registration this year, so if you're planning on attending please open a new tab in your browser right now and reserve your sessions before they all fill up!

As far as I'm concerned, well there was a little drama yesterday when I didn't receive my notice that registration was open.

Automation-Fair-2015-Show-Floor-FiWhat's different this year is that I accepted Rockwell's gracious invitation to attend the “press briefing” the day before the fair opens, and as such I'm registered as “Press,” and already setup my Tuesday schedule.

That said, I ran into a bug where as a member of the “Press” I couldn't register for any of the public sessions on Wednesday and Thursday?

Knowing how fast the best sessions fill up, I just couldn't take the chance that I'd be making the personal investment in time and funds to attend this year only to miss out on the best sessions.

Automation-Fair-2014-Show-Floor-FiSo in the end, after no solution to the bug was forth coming, I registered a second time with a different email as a “Consultant” in order to insure I'd be able to reserve my spot in my chosen sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.

The said, now I'm hoping that someone won't seen both my registrations and try to delete one!

Even though I've notified RA and my local folks, there's always the chance someone out of the loop is going to try to be a conduit for Murphy's law 🙁

PS – If you're a regular reader of the blog and also attending the show, It'd be great to meet up and learn how you're using automation as well as collect any suggestions you might have. To get in touch just use the contact form here.


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