Shawn Tierney

My name is Shawn Tierney from The Automation Blog, and I love sharing what I've learned about automation products with others. I spent my first twenty five years in the automation business working as a Rockwell Automation Distributor Specialist helping electricians, technicians, and controls engineers implement automation solutions using Allen-Bradley PLCs, PACs, and HMIs, as well as Rockwell Software SCADA and MES products. These days I'm self-employed as an automation educator, programmer, and consultant. And I'm also the author of the internet's most popular independent automation blog, The Automation Blog dot com, where I enjoy discussing automation products and challenges with people from around the world.

Update: We’ve Moved

The Automation Blog has moved

Just a quick announcement than after Friday’s outage we have decided to move to a new webhost. During the move which will take place over the next 24 to 48 hours the site may not load completely, or worse …

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