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I started in the paper industry back in 1986, working for Jagenberg, a company that made paper finishing machines. After several years I decided to start my own company, PLC Concepts Inc, and the mainstay of my business has been performing upgrades on existing equipment in the paper industry. Along the way I’ve also branched into other areas, including acting as a service contractor for Rockwell, as well as designing control systems for baking equipment and biofuel conversions. Most of the control systems I’ve used over the years have been centered on Rockwell products, from PLC-2s through ControlLogix and Studio 5000, as well as the various Rockwell HMI software packages. That said, I’ve also had the opportunity to design and deploy control systems using Modicon, GE Series 6 and 90/70, Siemens S5 and S7, as well as Variable Frequency Drives from multiple vendors.

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