The New 1769-L1 Series B Currently Supports v20 and v24

5370 L1 CompactLogixIf you’ve been using the 1769-L16 or L18 CompactLogix from Rockwell Automation with either Studio 5000 version 21 or 23 take note: The next processor you receive may be the series B version which currently only supports version 20 and 24.

The easiest away around having to upgrade from 21 (or 23) to version 24 is to insure you specify series A model when placing your order.

However, if all the inventory in your local area is series B already, you may have an extra wait to get the older series from the factory itself.

The better solution for those who can’t wait would be to install version 24, assuming you already have it, or have the support contract to access updates freely.

A temporary situation?

1769-L1-Series-B-Version-SupportIt’s not uncommon for new hardware to release with limited version support, and to later pick-up additional versions as time goes by.

One example of this was the new series of the 1769-L23. When it initially shipped, it came with a sticker on the processor itself stating it only supported version 19. Over time though, the new series picked up the same version support as the original series.

A reason for the new series…

When the L1 processor originally launched, there was some confusion about powering this new processor.

As it turned out, Rockwell designed the series A of the L1 to be powered by a different power supply than the Point I/O.

However, many customers didn’t appreciate having to install two 24vdc power supplies in a single cabinet for a single PLC.

Well, it appears Rockwell heard this feedback since the main difference between the L1 series A and B (aside form version support) is that the series B supports using a single 24vdc power supply for both the processor and Point I/O.

Where to find more information:

If you need more details about the 1769-L1 processors, the below manufacturers documentation seems to contain all the updated information with regards to the series B processor.

I hope you found this article about version support for the new L1 series B helpful.

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