Back in April we reported that Rockwell had updated the “life cycle” listing of its 1756-ENBT module to “End Of Life.”

At the time they even listed a discontinuation date of December 31st, 2016, as seen in the below screenshot and discussed in our article here.

1756-ENBT Goes Silver

Fast forward to yesterday when one of our readers (thanks Kell!) informed us that Rockwell now lists the 1756-ENBT as Active Mature in what appears to be a very rare reversal of scheduled product obsolescence…

1756-ENBT Active Mature
We're not exactly sure why Rockwell reversed its decision, but it does seem like its a good thing for those larger customers who have hundreds of ENBTs installed in their facilities.
And while the 1756-ENBT is 14% less expensive then the 1756-EN2T ($2560 vs. $2980, according to Rockwell's free Proposal Works software,) if you're building a new system you may want to go ahead and spend that extra money to get the newer and more capable EN2T.
Why? Well, even though the ENBT is no longer has an “end of life” date, it's still a much older design with substantially less capacity compared to the newer 1756-EN2T.

And it goes without saying that if you know the reasons behind Rockwell's reversal of the ENBT's EOL we'd love to hear them!
Just fill in the “post a comment or question” link below to let us know the rest of the story.


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