Using the Tag Import And Export Wizard with FactoryTalk ViewStudio (or RSView32)

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If you’re using FactoryTalk ViewStudio (aka RSViewStudio) or RSView32 with a PLC-5, SLC-500, or MicroLogix, it often makes sense to import your tags and descriptions from the comments and symbols in your PLC program.

There are actually two means of import tags into View. In today’s article we’ll cover how to import your tags using the “Tag Import And Export Wizard.” For how to import tags using the Database Browser, see this article HERE.

Note: While the below procedure is for FactoryTalk ViewStudio  (ME or SE,) it is nearly identical to RSView32.

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 1Tag Import And Export Wizard

Step 1: Launch Rockwell’s “Tag Import And Export Wizard” and select what type of files you would like to import or export. In our example we’ll choose to import RSLogix 5 or 500 address comments and symbols from ASCII export files:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 2

Step 2: Now choose if you will be importing the comments and symbols into Tags in either Machine Edition (ViewME) or Site Edition (ViewSE):

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 3

Step 3: Before you continue with the “Tag Import And Export Wizard,” be sure you’ve saved your PLC-5 or SLC-500 with the “External Database” option selected, as shown below:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 3B

Step 4: Next, browse to your PLC or SLC external database file (.EAS) and select it. Then press next:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 4

Step 5: Choose the import options you prefer, and select next:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 5

Step 6: Click the “finish” button to begin the import process”

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 6

Step 7: Provide a “Topic” (aka “shortcut”) name for your tags.

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 7

NOTE: Take care when typing in the “Topic” name as it will become part of every imported tag’s addresses, and there is no easy way to change it afterwards.

Step 8: Wait as the utility imports your comments and symbols into your View tag database:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 8

Step 9: At the end of the import process, you will be prompted with a import summary showing how many of your tags successfully imported. In our example, we had 303 successful tag creations:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 9

Step 10: Now open your tag database and you should find the comments and symbols from your PLC or SLC program have now been imported into your tag database, as show below:

Tag Import and Export Wizard Step 10

I hope you’ve found the above “step by step” helpful. If you did, please take a moment and visit our Support page for several ideas on how you can support our site.


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  1. Thanks! This helped me out.

  2. Hey Shawn,
    This blog is awesome. Keep it up.
    I had done the steps you prescribed. But I had to modify my PLC program on RSLogix500 and now I have new tags. What is the EASIEST way to import these new tags without mucking up the tags I already have in FactoryTalk? I am using FactoryTalk ME.

  3. Sameer Bhaskarla

    Hi Shawn,

    I was trying to follow the steps but after step 4 when I click next, there’s a pop up which says “c:usersadmindesktoptest.EAS” does not appear to be a RSLogix 5/500 Address and Symbol ASCII Export file. What could have went wrong?

    Thank you,

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