Save 75% on ControlLogix Training!

For a limited time you can pre-order the digital edition of my ControlLogix video training course for 75% off the final price!

For the last few weeks I haven’t been publishing many free articles or videos as I’ve been focused on creating my new ControlLogix course, PAC Basics.

And with production well under way, I thought I would try something new and make this course available for pre-order at a huge discount.

So if you or someone you know has basic PLC skills and now would like to learn how to use and program the Allen-Bradley line of ControlLogix PACs, check out the below video and visit me at


Shawn Tierney
Automation Consultant
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Legacy Comments

  1. Hi shawn
    Is this course available in UDEMY ?

    • Good afternoon Anu,

      Last I checked Udemy does not allow for pre-orders 🙁

      However, I do hope to add a version of it to Udemy once the Vimeo and DVD editions are complete.

      That said, due to the new Udemy max price limit of $50, and the thousands of dollars in ControlLogix parts I investment in to make this course, I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to afford to publish the entire course there for only $50?

      Thanks for asking!

      Shawn Tierney

      • Good morning dear shawn
        I already preordered this course. When will u publish this course? What are the study material needed?

        • Good morning Anu,

          Thank you for your pre-order! I hope you find the course worth every penny of the $25 you spent!

          The first two hours of the course was just released yesterday, and you should now be able to watch them now. My goal is for the rest of the course to be created/edited/uploaded over the next two weeks.

          In fact, it’s about all I’m working on this week and next 🙂

          It always amazes me how much time and money it takes to create one of these courses! From finding, buying and testing the equipment, to planning each lesson, to recording the lessons multiple times until they come out as desired, to scrubbing the audio and editing the multiple video streams into one video, to rendering the video, etc. It’s quite a major endeavor!

          As far as study materials, none are required. However, if you have the hardware and software to follow along that would be recommended.

          But since ControlLogix hardware and software is very expensive (even the used items I purchased for this course cost thousands!) I expect most will only be able to follow along at work.

          Hope this helps,

          Shawn Tierney

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  2. Shawn what kind of camera do you use? your videos look so sharp and crisp. Can’t wait for more.

    • Good morning Tim,

      Thank you very much for comment.

      Over the last couple of years I’ve done a lot of experimenting, and I’ve found my mid-range (~$700) 1080p60 Panasonic camcorder with face tracking and lots of lighting has produced the best results.

      Hope this helps!

      Shawn Tierney

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