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MicroLogix 1400 Expansion I/O


The MicroLogix 1400’s base I/O can be expanded using 1762  I/O modules. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished. The right front of the MicroLogix 1400 has a small cover over top of a 1762 I/0 expansion port, and …

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MicroLogix 1400 Installation and Mounting


The MicroLogix 1400 has an extensive installation document referred to as “installation instructions” which you can obtain electronically from Rockwell’s website HERE. While these “installation instructions” cover many different topics, in this blog article I’ll be focusing on the installation and …

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The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400


In 2008, forteen years after the original MicroLogix 1000 was released, and three years after the MicroLogix 1100, Rockwell introduced the MicroLogix 1400. This new micro PLC built on the success of the MicroLogix 1100, expanding on the built-in I/O count as well as the number of expansion modules supported. Featuring 32 …

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