Logix Application Code Manager, as seen at TechED 2015

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Studio-5000-Logix-Designer-Application-Code-Manager-SlideAt this year’s Rockwell Automation TechED, a new library management tool for Studio 5000 Logix designer was debuted.

Named the “Studio 5000 Logix Designer Application Code Manager,” or ACM for short, it was the subject of a presentation session (SY04,) a demonstration session (SY10,) as well as a hands-on lab session (SY15.)

From the presentations now available to the public, we’ve learned that this new utility is targeted to released in mid to late 2015, alongside Studio 5000 v27.

Designed to be the only library management tool a Studio 5000 user would need, it’s said to be flexible enough to work with Process, Batch, Safety, Motion and Discrete applications.

One goal of the ACM tool is to efficiency and accuracy generate Studio 5000 Logix Designer code from library objects, allowing for faster application development, as well as simplifying the reuse of existing code.

Initially the tool will work with Logix Designer, but it’s planned for future versions to support FactoryTalk® View, Alarm and Events, and Historian.

Studio-5000-Logix-Designer-Application-Code-ManagerIf you would like to see the complete TechEd presentation on this new tool, or view the hands on lab, open the TechED app using the below link, select “Guest,” and then search the schedule for “SY15.”

I hope you’ve found the above information about the soon-to-be released Logix Application Code Manager helpful.

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