How to download RSLogix and RSLinx for free

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Update: Click HERE for the latest procedure to download RSLogix Micro, RSLinx Classic, and Emulate 500 for FREE.

Download RSLogix and Linx-S2-E36-TAB-01Rockwell Automation recently redesigned their website, and it is nor actually harder to find the free RSLogix and RSLinx downloads.

In the past, all you had to do was search on “micrologix downloads” from their main page, and the link would show up in the first couple of returns.

Download RSLogix and Linx-S2-E36-TAB-02I actually recorded that process back in Episode 24 of The Automation Minute in early 2014.

Now however, when you search on Rockwell’s website, the page seems to have disappeared from the search results?

And if you take a trip over to the product page for MicroLogix 1100, the link cannot be found under either resources, applications, or software.

What you will find, in what seems like a cruel bit of misdirection, is a recommendation to use RSLogix 500 (now well over $1000) to program the MicroLogix 1100, even though Rockwell makes a completely free version available!

Download RSLogix and Linx-S2-E36-TAB-03

But while the MicroLogix Downloads page IS hard to find, thankfully it still exists.

To get there, just type into your browser, and you’ll be redirected to the MicroLogix Downloads page at

Download RSLogix and Linx-S2-E36-TAB-04

Once there you can download both RSLogix Micro Starter Lite (for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100) as well as RSLinx Classic (needed to download and go online.)

Download RSLogix and Linx-S2-E36-TAB

To learn how to setup and use RSLogix Micro and RSLinx Classic, as well as program the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100, check out my affordable MicroLogix training course at


And to see a video of the above procedure, check out the below episode of The Automation Minute:


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  1. Well they’ve now killed off that page as well. Looks like RSLogix Micro Starter Lite is no longer available through any official channels? Any insight Shawn?

    • Good afternoon Heath,

      Wow, that stinks! Let me look into it, and thanks for the heads up!

      Shawn Tierney

      • Good afternoon again Heath,

        It took awhile but I have located the download in the PCDC and updated my link to go there now,

        PS – I new page is a little more confusing and I plan on creating a new post explaining it

        Thanks again for the heads up!


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