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PAC BasicsToday I’m happy to announce that pre-orders for my ControlLogix Training Course on DVD are now open!

And those who take advantage of this pre-order sale on my PAC Basics course will save 50% off the final list price!

The course is currently available digitally in our “early access” program over at, and covers nearly five hours of material on using, configuring, and programming the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PAC including:


  • ControlLogix Design Overview
  • PAC Basics 4-2-test-io-configControlLogix Hardware Tour
  • Controller Anatomy
  • Component Selection and Documentation
  • RSLogix 5000 vs Studio 5000
  • Navigating RSLogix/Studio 5000
  • Setting up RSLinx Ethernet, Serial, and USB
  • Flashing Controller Firmware
  • Setting up Ethernet, ControlNet, and DH+ modules
  • PAC Basics 4-6-photoNavigating Networks
  • Project Creation/Editing
  • Configuring Local IO
  • Configuring Ethernet and ControlNet I/O
  • Controller and Program Tags
  • Creating, Editing, and Testing Ladder Logix Routines
  • Creating, Editing, and Testing Function Block Diagram Routines
  • Creating and Using User Defined Data Types
  • Creating, Editing, and Testing Structured Text Routines
  • Creating, Editing, and Testing SFC Routines
  • And more!

To find out all the details and to place your DVD pre-order head over to

And if you have any questions about this course feel free to submit them to me at


Shawn Tierney
Automation Consultant
Insights In Automation

The Automation School – PAC Basics – Article Banner Top

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